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Introducing yura corporation

No matter what anyone says, Yura is the best company in the field of electricity, electronic components and harnesses in Korea. 

CADvizor is a CAD that we made to use.

At first, we only used global solutions.
However, foreign solutions did not meet the design requirements of the
automotive industry, which required extreme quality standard and strict
delivery conditions.

So we have created our own design system.
Starting with YuraCAD in 2004, YuraFBD and Wiring Harness simulations were
developed, and in 2012 we developed our own CAD engine to push the limits of existing systems, creating a CAD vizor that can run on the Cloud.

We wanted CAD that is easy to learn and easy to use. And we wanted to be able to look at the drawings anytime, anywhere and do the design work. We were sure that would save a lot of time and effort for electrical part / harness designers.  

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use!

It’s even easier than using Word.

Cloud platform

You can design anytime, anywhere.


Over 4 million connectors/symbol
libraries are ready to use.

This is the heading

Because CADVizor is built by Yura who understands actual manufacturing, you can design while you understand what is needed.

History of CADvizor

Year 2004
(W/H Manufacturing Design) Module (AutoCAD Source Code Available)
Year 2005
Development of W/H Path Configuration Simulation (based on CATIA3D)
Year 2006
Development of YuraCAD Formboard (FBD) Module and Assemble Module
Year 2007
Development of W/H Travel Length Simulation (based on CATIA3D)

Year 2009
Development of W/H Production Information Management System (KAI)
Year 2011
Development of W/H Inspection Automation System (KAI)
Year 2012
Development of our own CAD engine
Year 2013
yCAD MFG development and implemented to the field (our own CAD engine)
Year 2014
yCAD Logic Module Development
Year 2015
yCAD Formboard (FBD) and COST Analysis modules add
Year 2016
Development of CADvizer Logic (Completed Government Task: SaaS-based optimal electrical equipment part Design System) Circuit Analysis Module Supply (KAI)
Year 2017
Build CADvizer Portal, Register Trademark (USA, China, Korea)

Build CADvizer Portal, Register Trademark (USA, China, Korea)

Year 2018
Development of CADvizor MFG Module Patent registration: methodology of calculating the cost of wiring harnesses using modular BOM
Year 2019
CADvizor is mainly used within (HMC , Yura Coporation, Yura Hannes, YuraTech and etc.)
Year 2020
CADvizor also provided our solution to customers like (Merit Eng, HSNTI and etc.)

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