About Wiring Harness Manufacturing Drawing

About Wiring Harness Manufacturing Drawing

Wiring harness manufacturing drawings are capable of producing various outputs by connecting wirings with more than dozens of materials according to electrical characteristics.

Before explaining the wiring harness manufacturing drawing, what is a wiring harness?

The etymology of the harness is “a harness that connects a horse and a wagon,” and it means a product that is bonded by processing a legend for the purpose of transmitting an electric signal, and a set of wire wiring of a car is called a wiring harness. In other words, a wire or wire harness is a total assembly of wires that transmits electrical signals and currents generated in each part of a vehicle to each other so that each system can perform its role. Compared to the human body, it is compared to a blood vessel.

The main parts required for wiring harness manufacturing drawing design are largely connectors, wires, and tapes, and the roles of each part are as follows.

  – Connector: It facilitates wiring connection, protects terminals connected to wires, and prevents short circuits between terminals.
  – Wire: It plays a role of smoothly transferring current and signals to each electric field system.
  – Tape: It protects the electric wire by preventing the covering and corrosion of all seats and blocking external electricity or heat.

Wiring harness manufacturing drawings are created by designing imaginary and real-axis layouts and inserting multiple materials such as the above.

Wiring harness manufacturing drawings create drawings for each item, and manufacturing drawings are completed with a combination of dozens of items such as main, control, engine, airbag, door, roof, rear, battery floor, etc.

The output is as follows.

1) BOM (material, wire)
  – A list of material information required when producing, developing, and selling goods-

2) Manufacturing drawing

As described above, CADvizor MFG generates drafting drawings and work orders for mass production, and provides optimized processes such as BOM calculation and cost calculation functions.

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