How Much is CAD Software

How Much is CAD Software

CAD tools are used by many engineering designers across the industry. There are many benefits of using CAD tools for drafting and designing. CAD software can increase designers’ productivity, improve the overall quality of the design, and easily create necessary reports and documentation of the design.

Similar to other software, CAD software can be divided into open source and proprietary CAD. Open source CAD is usually free of charge and users can modify the source code if they wanted to. However, open source CAD lacks basic functionalities and the UI/UX is generally not good enough for serious CAD designers. On the other hand, proprietary CAD is often costly and users cannot copy, modify, or share the product freely. However most of the features and options that CAD users are looking for are already included in the proprietary CAD software. This makes proprietary CAD software more convenient for users when creating complex designs.

CAD designers use CAD to design a product for mass production, thus, they want a CAD tool equipped with advanced features and a powerful CAD engine. That’s why most of commercial makers end up using proprietary CAD software. Then, how much does it cost to use this type of CAD?

» AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical from Autodesk is a CAD tool for electrical designs. AutoCAD Electrical can be used for 2D and 3D designs and it offers various options and features for drafting and designing.
However, AutoCAD Electrical can be tricky when users want to use advanced features for complex designs. Moreover, it takes a long time to learn how to use this program.

Price Info: Monthly $195, Yearly $1575 (Discounts available for longer contracts)


SOLIDWORKS is used by many CAD designers and compared to other CAD tools, SOLIDWORKS is relatively easy to learn and has a good interface. However, it’s often said that SOLIDWORKS platform can be a bit slow and lacks necessary features for complex designs.

Price Info: SOLIDWORKS can only be bought through a certified reseller, and the price range is between $4,000 and $8,000 depending on the product type. Moreover, there can be additional costs for technical support and other services.

» CADvizor

CADvizor is a cloud-based CAD tool that is widely used by many electrical and electronic component makers that include automotive and aerospace makers around the world. CADvizor supports 2D drafting and designing, and it offers dual-monitor function as well as other basic and advanced design functions. Moreover, CADvizor is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use CAD tool with intuitive designs. CADvizor has an optimized UI/UX interface and has been shown to reduce drawing time by 30% compared to their competitors.

CADvizor is a cloud-based CAD which means that you can work on your projects anywhere. It also makes collaboration more efficient.

If you haven’t tried CADvizor yet, you can get a free trial by visiting CADvizor website. With the free trial, users can experience what CADvizor has to offer as the free trial package provides the full functionality of CADvizor. So try it out first, and upgrade your plan to Pro or Enterprise if you like it.

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