The Most Popular Electrical CAD or eCAD Software In The Industry

The Most Popular Electrical CAD or eCAD Software In The Industry

For enterprise companies, what are the most important factors when considering which Electrical CAD software is the best?

Electrical CAD software for the professional user must be different from the one used by students or hobbyists. For industrial engineering usage, additional functions are required because of the need to increase productivity. Especially these days when devices have become so complex with many different parts, designing these devices need to be done in a smart and efficient way. Therefore, the below are three must-have features to look for when evaluating ECAD software to boost efficiency and productivity.

» Easy Communication, Commenting, and Documentation

Companies usually have multiple teams working on the same project at any given time. Designers, engineers, and subcontractors are necessary to put everything together the right way. Therefore, easy and efficient communication, commenting, and documentation is important to have. Teams need to send requests, check each other’s work, and give feedback. Furthermore, version control and revision history is necessary. Here is a list of ECAD functionalities that boosts communication between teams and team members.

–   Electrical CAD Viewer / DWG Viewer, DXF Viewer
–   Ability to share with multiple users
–   User permissions
–   Concurrent work
–   Logical tracing
 –   Revision management

» Easy-to-use and Intuitive

Electrical CAD software should have a user interface to help the CAD engineer work faster and easier. The UI/UX should not be difficult and get in the way of the CAD engineer. The learning curve should be minimal. An interface that is difficult to understand and use can also cause the CAD designer to make errors. Functions and menus should also be easily found and used. Here are some functions in ECAD you can think about.

–   Easy learning and intuitive grasp of functions
–   Easy access to menu and sub-menus
–   Automate repetitive work
–   Supports various file formats
–   Multiple windows
–   Library viewer and library editor
–   Copy and paste
–   Design rule checking
 –   BOM / Modular BOM

» Price

Price always matters. Even if the tool is everything you dreamed of and more, you’ll still need to be able to afford it. Every company is different. Some companies will require the software more often than others. Therefore, having a flexible pricing plan or a customizable solution with the right feature sets is important when selecting an ECAD solution.

In summary, if you are trying to figure out which Electrical CAD solution is best for your company, make sure to check the list above. If you are looking for an ECAD solution that is intuitive, smart, promotes collaboration and has customizable subscription plans, check out the CADvizor free trial. CADvizor is cloud based CAD so your projects are always available to your team, even if they aren’t in the office.

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