CADvizor is a dedicated solution used by Yura, Korea’s best automotive harness developer/maker. From design to manufacturing, we developed it so that we can design more quickly, easily, and accurately while using it ourselves.

Any company can gain productivity in its electrical part design/harness operations. Regardless of size of your business whether you are OEMs, harness manufacturers, or a subcontractor, CADvizor will be the most efficient and reasonable ECAD solution. Within a web browser, CADvizor can be designed and help you to seamlessly collaborate with other teams and also help by improving engineering workflows.


CADvizor is not just about design and drawing. We were built to help you every tasks for electrical part design/harness operations, such as manufacturing cost calculation and simulation for voltage/wiring protection.

CADvizor  will be the Electric Master!





CADvizor Requirement

CADvizor Logic


CADvizor MFG
CADvizor Service

CADvizor Tutorials

You can design wiring diagrams quickly and easily by using CADvizor’s Circuit from-to logical connectivity feature. 
Design from-to logical connectivity of circuits to quickly and easily design wiring diagrams.

tutorial 1: Basic

Fast & Easy to use circuit design tool

Tutorial 2: UI

 Circuit design UI introduction

Tutorial 3: Advanced

Circuit object creation and editing

Tutorial 4: Shared

Sharing circuit objects

Tutorial 5: Convenience

Circuit design convenience functions

CADvizor MFG (Release)

The wiring harness cable assembly for manufacturing can be designed easily and accurately. All information works perfectly with CADvizor Logic.
It also automatically generates various outputs for manufacturing.

CADvizor COST (Release)

Locate the optimal path condition according to the unit price of each wiring harness.
Users can design with cost consideration.

CADvizor DataPortal (Release)

With the release of CADvizor DataPortal, more than 4 million data SPECs and features are deployed, 
allowing you to create products quickly , accurately and conveniently.

Basic : Millions of
parts data

Data portal : Millions of parts data

Parts : Millions of
parts data

Revision : Millions of parts data

CADvizor Simulation (Release)

Helps you select the appropriate wiring for voltage drop and wiring protection.
It also automatically creates relevant reports.

CADvizor Requirement
(Expected to be released December, 21)

Design intentions and requirements can be quickly captured and implemented.
Help designers to design efficiently by automatically reflect frequently 
changing requirements.

CADvizor Service
(Expected to be released October, 22)

Automatically transfer/generate information related to equipment part design/harness operations for maintenance process.

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