Wiring Harness Types and Functions

Wiring Harness Types and Functions

Wiring harness types and functions 

 Wiring harness refers to wiring that supplies power necessary to operate all electronic components in a vehicle and transmits electrical signals to each electronic control module, and is located separately according to its use. As sensors and electric and electronic devices for functions such as eco-friendly vehicles and autonomous vehicles are increasing in recent years, the functions and types of wiring harnesses that supply power to each control device or computing device to operate them and connect electrical signals have become diverse.

It got complicated. Various wiring harnesses exist according to user options and vehicle specifications, but can be classified into main, front, control, floor, etc. depending on their function and location.

1. Control wiring harnessIt is wired to the engine and TM, and is a harness that supports various sensors and ECU/TCU side operation required directly to drive the engine.Main connection system: PCU (Power Control Unit), Injector, Ignition, Engine Sensors

2. Front wiring harnessThis harness is located in front of the engine room and is in charge of supplying main power to the vehicle, and is a harness required to drive the main equipment in the engine room that supports the operation of lamps or vehicle cooling performance.Main connection system: Head lamp, Fog lamp lamp, ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System), FLS (Front Impact Sensor), AirBag, etc.

3. Main wiring harnessAs the main harness that can directly or indirectly control most of the electric and electronic devices of the vehicle, it is installed in the interior C/PAD and Switch, and supports power supply to the interior and trunk, and the operation of audio, cluster, and various units.Main connection system: Cluster, Air-Conditioner, Audio/Navigation, BCM (Body Control Module), HandFree, Digital Clock, Speaker, etc.

4. Floor wiring harnessIt is divided into LH and RH, and is wired under the carpet in the cabin driver’s seat to support the operation of overall convenience devices and safety devices, excluding the drive system, such as electrical equipment mounted on the trunk and rear doors.Main connection system: Seat heated, Fuel pump, Amp, SAB (Side Air Bag), CAB (Curtain Air Bag)

5. Loop wiring harnessIt is wired in the roof to support the operation of SUNROOF and various indoor LPs.Main connection systems: Room Lamp, Sun Roof, Electronic Chromic Mirror (ECM), Rain Sensor, Electronic Toll Collection System (ETCS)

6. Door wiring harnessIt is mounted on the vehicle door and operates the convenience devices in the door module such as P/WDW, DR LOCK, and O/S MIRROR.Main connection system: Driver Door, Passenger Door, Rear-Right Door, Rear-Left Door
In addition to this, FPCB, Trunk LID, FPAS, RPAS, BATTERY wiring harness are also available.

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