What is 'Electrical design Synchronization'

CADvizor is currently implementing ‘Electrical design synchronization’ approach when it comes to distributing and storing data. ‘Electrical design Synchronization’ is the process of establishing data consistency between two or more databases, automatically copying changes back and forth. Synchronized, trustworthy data is essential for security, compliance, and a wide variety of operational functions. Organizations have numerous applications, services, and systems they employ to support their day-to-day business processes. To ensure all the components maintain the same information throughout, data synchronization is essential.

Why is 'Electrical Design Synchronization' needed

In the era of digital transformation, companies’ key success is determined by making wiser and faster data-driven decision. Hence, electrical design data needs to be accumulated adequately and IT workers are responsible for maintaining and updating stable IT environment. ‘Electrical design synchronization’ will enable data to be synced in real time and this is crucial for enhancing value of electrical products. The fact that data can be synced in real-time means integrated management of electrical design data is viable. Hence, the degree of inefficiencies and duplicated data are minimized, enabling company to improve efficiency on material management and reduce legacy storage costs.

Significant Reduction on Production costs

A leading wiring harness manufacturer in Korea with $3 billion of annual revenue, once had issues with managing ‘BOM’(Bill of Material). There have been numerous set of duplicated data, where electrical engineers continuously made mistakes on electrical design. This has led to deterioration of order placement and production. Wiring harness manufacturer then realized the importance of managing ‘BOM’(Bill of material) effectively, hence started implementing CADvizor to effectively manage the entire process of electrical design. This led to reducing saving hundreds of millions of dollars each year on production costs.

CADvizor (Revolutionary Cloud-based CAD)

CADvizor is a cloud-based computer aided design software to assist engineers design electrical components such as wiring harness. By using ’Cloud-based CAD', it is expected that customers will be able to take advantages of numerous benefits. As a CAD solution provider, we would like to emphasize that synergies among electrical designers could be maximized as changes in electrical drawings are updated in real-time. By being able to share electrical drawings in real-time, time spent on 'creating, reading, updating and deleting electrical drawings can be significantly reduced. CADvizor is implementing 'Electrical design synchronization approach' to assure data protection and security.

Traditional CAD

In automotive component industry, electrical designers approach two different ways when it comes to working on electrical design. The first approach is ‘Traditional CAD’, and the second approach is ‘Cloud-based CAD’. ‘Traditional CAD’ involves CAD software to be installed on electrical designers’ physical hard drive. ‘Traditional CAD’ is known to be secure and reliable as it is available for use only by one particular client(Autocad Electrical, Solidedge Electrical, Vesys). However, regular software version upgrades and patch are required when electrical designers use ‘Traditional CAD’. This might lead to problematic situation where electrical designers come up with different versions of electrical drawings when they actually work on the same product design. This could ultimately lead to deterioration of order placement and production.

Cloud-based CAD

In comparison, ‘Cloud-based CAD’ involves remote databases and vast data storage at significantly lower costs from a third-party vendor. ‘Cloud-based CAD’ allows electrical designers to share electrical drawings in real time. Electrical designers can create, read, update and delete electrical drawings, and all the changes made in drawings can be shared with other members in the team. At the same time, real-time update of ‘Cloud-based CAD’ allows electrical designers to work on the latest version of CAD all the time. In addition, electrical design rollback is available where designers can access the previous version of their work. Due to scalability and flexibility, more electrical engineers are using ’Cloud-based CAD’. Detailed key features of ‘Traditional CAD’ and ‘Cloud-based CAD’ are displayed in the diagram below.


1) Importance of ‘Electrical design synchronization’
– Data can be synced in real-time
– Reduce cost for managing legacy systems
2) Revolutionary Cloud-based CAD software – CADvizor
– Synergies among electrical designers
– Time spent on ‘creating, reading, updating, and deleting’ significantly reduced
3) Traditional CAD vs Cloud-based CAD
– Traditional CAD: Fixed resource capacity
– Cloud-based CAD: Excellent scalability & Flexibility