How to improve wire harness manufacturing

A wire harness, or cable harness, is an assembly of cables that transmit electrical signals and power to different parts in a vehicle. In short, the wire harness can be understood as a unit that integrates the cables and connectors of a vehicle.

A wire harness is similar to the blood vessels in a human body so the quality of the entire vehicle often depends on how well the wiring harness is designed. Therefore, wire harness manufacturing requires a high level of quality, as well as accuracy and speed. Wire harness manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve the total quality of their products while raising production efficiency.

How can we improve the wire harness manufacturing process? Wire harness manufacturing starts from R&D and design. It is said that the R&D and design processes take up to 5%-10% of manufacturing costs and this phase is crucial for securing the quality of the final product. Let’s find some ways to enhance the wire harness manufacturing process focused on the design phase.

Design Innovation | Modular BOM (Bill of Materials)

The number of options available for automobiles has increased rather rapidly as consumer needs have become diversified over the last decade. Think about the process that a person goes through when he purchases a car. He will face an overwhelming number of options that include the engine, audio electronics, exterior mirrors, and so on. The different combinations of all these options can be up to thousands per each model. This means thousands of Bill of Materials (BOM) as well. CADvizor’s modular BOM technology can effectively manage BOM data, as a result, it is a piece of cake for CADvizor to analyze and create a bunch of BOM reports for manufacturing.

Stop Unnecessary Tasks | Project Management (Version Management)

How many times do you have to check which CAD file is the latest version? Project management is important for CAD users to manage, control, and share their CAD files. As design gets complicated, more and more people are involved in the same project and all those people need to be able to see which CAD file they should work on. CADvizor Logic, one of CADvizor’s modules, has an integrated project management function with its module, allowing CAD designers to check project version and status easily and efficiently.

Save Design Time | Cloud Platform

CAD designers will agree with the idea that CAD drawing is not an easy or simple task. Not only does the drawing itself take up a large amount of the CAD designer’s time, but also installing, updating, and managing the CAD software is time-consuming.

CADvizor’s self-developed CAD engine can save CAD users’ design time greatly. First of all, installation can be done through a simple download from the CADvizor website. After that, all updates will be done automatically so CAD designers don’t have to worry about how or when to update their software. Also, since CADvizor is cloud based, it has multiple servers running all the time which means your CADvizor projects will always be backed up on the cloud. Moreover, it is possible to have multiple design team members working on the same drawings and projects simultaneously. No more hassles with exchanging CAD files with each other.