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‘Library management system’ for effective electrical design

inefficient management of data Manufacturing companies and vehicle producers strive for reducing 'time-to-market' while ensuring the competency of electrical components. Effectively designing electrical circuits is becoming a key success factor in automotive industry as well as other sectors such as robotics, heavy equipment, aviation and defense...

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Tips on how to implement ‘Model-based engineering’ approach

DOCUMENT-CENTRIC ENGINEERING Market players in the automotive industry are preparing for the era of 'electric vehicles'. Customers' expectations are evolving accordingly, hence companies must be able to capture unmet needs and provide approrpriate solutions to customers in the long term. In traditional automotive industry, there is certain...

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Optimizing design process through ‘Concurrent Engineering’

concurrent engineering Concurrent engineering is a systematic method of designing and developing products where different activities run simultaneously. This is also known as simultaneous engineering. By performing different tasks simultaneously, concurrent engineering decreases the production time leading to reduced costs. Although concurrent design and manufacturing requires...

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Importance of ‘Electrical design synchronization’

WHAT IS 'ELECTRICAL DESIGN SYNCHRONIZATION' CADvizor is currently implementing ‘Electrical design synchronization’ approach when it comes to distributing and storing data. ‘Electrical design Synchronization’ is the process of establishing data consistency between two or more databases, automatically copying changes back and forth. Synchronized, trustworthy data is...

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increase in automotive component recall cases; tips for wiring harness desginers 2020 RECALL ANNUAL REPORT;WHAT DOES IT REPRESENT '2020 Recall Annual Report' published from NHTSA, illustrates how many product recall cases has been occurred from each automotive component. 'Seat belt' is the item with the highest product...

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